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Re: [sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca (Sue Campbell)] Re: Timestamp

Sue Campbell writes:

> Here is the information that has been requested to be easily accessable
> concerning a package, i.e. without having to download it, and is not already
> available:
>    upstream maintainer
>    upstream homepage (if any)
>    location source file retrieved from
>    copyright
>    date it got into distribution
>    changelog
> I'm surprised no one has asked for the rules file.

The last three can be extracted by mechanical means.  The first three
can not (yet).  Of the last three, the copyright is probably only
needed for non-free packages; the other two are useful for any

> Since there are quite valid reasons people would want this information,
> perhaps we should simply create a database on master containing this
> information.

Yes, that might be a good idea for deity.  Deity's ftp backend could
perhaps get the changelogs also.  When the user is choosing updated
packages, she would see the changelog.

> Guy, are archives unpacked as part of the process of checking them
> before inclusion in the distribution?



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