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Re: debmake contains namespace pollution and bugs procedure

please don't discuss that stuff. let us talk about the problem :
demake contains :

some people think, that this is name space polution, others disagree.
save all packages with prefix "deb", we are down to 
uscan uupdate release checkbash build dch

is there a problem with uscan and uupdate ? nobody cmplained about them
till now.

is there a problem with release ? i don't know. 
my own suggestion is to merge release and dupload.

is there a problem with checkbash ?
at least it has no manpage, and no help text. is it called by debstd ?
maybe it should be part of debstd/debhelper, i don't see why we need it
as standalone program.

is there a problem with build ?
build was an essential program, but with fakeroot i consider it
obsolete, we need no wrapper to run debian/rules as root.

is there a problem with dch ?
i like the short name (it's an alias for debchange), maybe others don't.
if you argue, that i could use an alias, you are right. 

from my position, there is no real problem. of course we could 
 - remove release (merge with dupload ?)
 - remove build (obsoleted by fakeroot)
 - remove checkbash (integrate it into debstd and/or debhelper)
 - remove dch (it's "only" an alias for debchange).

i don't think these actions are required. i would like 1) and 2),
i'm not sure about 3) (don't know much about checkbash, maybe i'm
wrong), and please skip 4) (else i will add an alias to my .bashrc).

we can ask chris politetly to consider these changes. we cannot request
it : free software only works with being polite, not with quarrel and
bug report hick-hack.

regards, andreas

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