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Re: Agh! My public key is for my old email address

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Erik Andersen wrote:

> I have changed my email address for the packages I maintain to now use my debian.org email address.  Unfortunatly, my public key is associated with my old email address.  Is there any way to convert my public key to associate it with my new email address, or do I need to generate a new public key?  
> Right now, when I try to sign a package, I get:
> Current time: 1997/10/30 07:15 GMT
> Key matching userid 'Erik Andersen <andersee@debian.org>' not found in file '/home/andersee/.pgp/secring.pgp'.
> Signature error

Take a look at the manpage -- you want to "add a userid" and "delete a
userid" -- delete the old one,  and add the new one (might be safer to do
it in the reverse order).  I think these are done via pgp -ke and pgp -kr.

Before you do anything,  back up your keyring incase it gets screwed up


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