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Re: Commercial interests & project leader

	[I know I shouldn't be doing this but ...]

	There you go again. I don't think I have a problem with the
 style, for unlike most native speakers of English, who merely picked
 up the language, I studied it, and am at home with Chaucer and the
 Bard of Avon. I still have a great deal of difficulty unravelling
 your circumlocution.

	Please, do not treat this as a repression of your method of
 expression, this is just that even this message took me about 10
 minutes to decipher the masterful first clause. If you really mean to
 communicate, then you may take note that your audience has expressed
 confugion at your style of oratory in the past.

	You may, of couse, choose to do as you wish.

>>"ioannis" == ioannis  <ioannis@flinet.com> writes:

ioannis> Why, my illustrious friend, I mean to say, that in
ioannis> self-defence I may, if I like, follow your example, affirm
ioannis> boldly that our two emails although they may appear most
ioannis> alike are most absolutely unlike;

	Why, thank you kindly, sir. I had not hoped to aspire to your
 level of penmanship.

ioannis> for the result is be

	is be?

ioannis> that you and I may prove ourselves to be great tyros in the
ioannis> art of disputing when the argument is blown away and
ioannis> lost.

	My family would hasten to affirm that I'm no tyro; I've
 apparently cut my teeth on disputes ;-)

ioannis> Suppose that we put back, and return to a more contemporary
ioannis> position; then perhaps we may come to an understanding with
ioannis> one another.

	If by a contemporary position you also mean a contemporary
 form of speech, then I think this is entirely possible. However, this
 discussion gets passing tedious, and I will say no more.

 Another goal is to establish a relationship "in which it is OK for
 everybody to do their best.  There are an awful lot of people in
 management who really don't want subordinates to do their best,
 because it gets to be very threatening.  But we have found that both
 internally and with outside designers if we are willing to have this
 kind of relationship and if we're willing to be vulnerable to what
 will come out of it, we get really good work." Max DePree, chairman
 and CEO of Herman Miller Inc., "Herman Miller's Secrets of Corporate
 Creativity", The Wall Street Journal, May 3, 1988
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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