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Re: are lsm files worth putting in binary package?

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I think that though they do not *need* to be included (that
>  is, including them is not a requirement), they do contain things
>  which maybe important, son including them is not necesarilly a bug,
>  or at least not en masse.

Ok. I don't think this is very importany anyway..
> 	I'd leave it to the maintainers to decide whether it is useful
>  to include them. They are rather small, and they do sometimes contain
>  details and meta-data about the package which are useful.

However, the point of my original posting about this is that I can't find
any information in lsm files that isn't duplicates in the the Packages file
and the copyright files. Do you have any examples?

see shy jo

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