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Re: Debian Book Published

On Oct 18, Bruce Perens decided to present us with:
> It doesn't fit the free software guidelines because it discriminates
> against printing, and the status regarding modification is not stated.
> However, it is redistributable and viewable online by the user. I am left
> wondering if we should treat books the same as other software or not.

I agree. Software is software, books (and magazines) are another
matter. Are you allowed to modify the packaged editions of LG,
PJ and other publications? Even if you are, I think it is a

I wrote a very nice license for a roleplaying system I wrote
(not software). If it were in english I could post it here, but
I'm too busy to translate. But the act of thinking about the
matter led me to believe software is far different from other
kinds of intelectual products.

There's the LDP license too, and if I well remember GNU doesn't
copyleft their books do them?

And all this discussion applies (somewhat) to the damn Database
thread, and reminds me of the proposal for a separated
Documentation distribution.

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