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Calling all Editor Maintainers!

Dale says:
>   We also need to provide
> a clear set of instructions to the system administrator so that they can
> set up a default editor of their choice. Dispite our careful deliberations
> the sysadmin is likely to want to install a high priority editor but keep
> the system default at some other, lower priority editor. 

If the sysadmin doesn't like the default editor and changes the
symlink in /etc/alternatives then update-alternatives will notice the
next time it is run for `editor' and switch to manual-only updates for
`editor'.  This means that the sysadmin's change will stick, provided
that they change the link in /etc/alternatives.  If the user changes
the link in /usr/bin or wherever their change will be undone.

If they want the automatic updates back they can do that by deleting
the link that they made in /etc/alternatives, and then the next
installation will go back to automatic updates.  You can also do this
latter task by typing `update-alternatives --auto editor'.

Perhaps the best documentation would be a README in /etc/alternatives,
provided by dpkg ?  If there is consensus then someone should file a
wishlist bug against dpkg with a text for the README.


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