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Re: Debian Book Published

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Linux Press has announced the publication of a book about Debian. If there's
> a Borders bookstore in your neighborhood, I suggest you run there and
> reserve a copy! You might also find one at your local computer store, or
> wherever you've previously purchased Linux CDs.
> The publisher is providing an HTML version of the book that you can view
> or print for your personal use. Details are below.

Actually, the license seems broader than that. Namely:

 Although distribution of printed copies of this book are restricted,
 electronic copies of this book may be distributed freely via any electronic
 media. Proper use of the electronic form of this book permits the end user to
 make hard copy printouts for personal use only.

Is this free enough to go in debian proper? It'd be a great resource.

see shy jo

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