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Re: DNS lookups (was: something completely different on -private)

On 12 Oct 1997, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> I noticed that after one of my latest hamm upgrades, everything handling  
> IP addresses would start DNS lookups, which played havoc with my boot  
> sequence (stuff like diald not coming up after running for several hours  
> because ifconfig and route hang asking the name server, which waits for  
> diald to come up, and no login prompt ever appearing).

Same here.  My ifconfig eth0 keeps trying (and failing) to find my name 

> I haven't tracked that down yet, but I suspect some change in libc6.

What kernel are you running?  I think it might be an interaction b/t 
the kernel and libc6.  I've got 2.0.31-pre10 running absolutely fine, 
but Dave Miller's 2.1.57-VGER-CVS971010 locks up in ifconfig.  
Unfortunately, I can't try any earlier 2.1.x than the Dave's 10/10 
snapshot because I've got a 3c905, and that snapshot is the first 
2.1.5x to have the updated 3c59x driver with 3c905 support.

FWIW, I try to follow hamm on about a daily basis.  I've got netbase 
3.00-1 and libc 2.0.5c-01.

> In any case, I've temporarily worked around it by making sure that every  
> IP used to fire up diald is locally known to my name server - /etc/hosts  
> wasn't enough.

Thanks for the tip -- I was doing the silly thing manually -- comment 
out nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf, then run the ifconfig et al., then 
uncomment the nameservers.

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