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Re: Announcements for .debs not in distribution?


	Is this not a subset of third party package releases? The
 packages you are talking about are made available by you, personally,
 as a gesture of goodwill, but they are still unofficial packages
 (though made by a person who also happens to be a Debian developer). 

	Are we going to provide services to third party packages? The
 consensus seems to be against providing other services (like a bug
 tracking service). Would we provide mailing lists for Jim's
 unofficial site as well?


>>"Christoph" == Christoph Lameter <chris@waterf.org> writes:

Christoph> Can we have an announcement mailing list for packages not
Christoph> in the main distribution? For example I made a diald
Christoph> release for myself that supports 2.1.X kernels and placed
Christoph> it on ftp.fuller.edu. I know that the maintainer is also
Christoph> working on the issue though.

Christoph> There is usually a small collection of stuff at
Christoph> ftp.fuller.edu/Linux.

Christoph> Can we have an announcement mailing list like

Christoph> debian-nondist-annnounce ?

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