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Re: Architecture all

On 21 Oct 1997, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:
> > Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > > Why is the Quake Package set to Architecture all? Surely it doesn't
> > > make sense to install it on non i386 systems.
> > Er, here is an overview of architectures of all the quake packages:
> > squake_1.09-1.1-2.dsc:Architecture: i386
> > xquake_1.06-6.dsc:Architecture: i386
> > These are properly arch: i386 becuase I only have i386 binaries.
> > quake-lib-stub_1.4.dsc:Architecture: all
> > quake-lib_1.06-3.dsc:Architecture: all
> > These are architecture all, becuase they contain no binaries that
> > are not architecture dependant. Quake-lib-stub is just a perl
> > script, quake-lib is a file that quake should be able to read, no
> > matter what architecture it is compiled for. Sure, they are only of
> > use on the i386 platform right now, but that could easily change if
> > quake compiled for another architecture becomes available.
> > So, what's wrong with this?
> I don't think there will be a binary for quake available for other
> architektures in the near future if at all. And if there is the archi

This is false.  Quake has been available for Linux/Alpha virtually since
the game's initial release.

> field can be changed to arch all or arch i386+foo+bla. There will
> never be a quake for all archs. Also the Quake for m68k AmigaOS that
> was made by some hackers were completly stopped and outruled instead
> of taking it onboard and distributing that as well. It doesn't seem
> likely that they will do other architektures to me.

I think his reasoning was sound.  If the stub isn't architecture-specific,
it isn't architecture-specific.  His categorization isn't misleadng, it's

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