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Re: Agh! My public key is for my old email address

harpo@udel.edu (Will Lowe)  wrote on 30.10.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.95q.971030094246.14579A-100000@rivendell.rndy.udel.edu>:

> Take a look at the manpage -- you want to "add a userid" and "delete a
> userid" -- delete the old one,  and add the new one (might be safer to do
> it in the reverse order).  I think these are done via pgp -ke and pgp -kr.

Or maybe you do _not_ want to delete the old userid, because you might  
have signatures on it.

Signatures are always on a userid. If you delete the userid, you lose  
those signatures (assuming you have some).

Which reminds me I should send my new and improved (well, signed by many  
people in Aachen) key to the current keyring maintainer. I _should_ have  
that address here somewhere ...

MfG Kai

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