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another new package/debmake problems


 I'm trying to create my first package.
 I intend to debianize the program "sidplay" by Michael Schwendt
 which is basically a music player for tunes originally played
 on a Commodore 64. This is done by emulating the C64's sound
 chip. The program is freely available under the GPL. Look at

 Well, I'm running into a few problems which I hope to solve by
 carefully reading the docs. Yeah, it's a lengthy process. A short
 overview didn't help much, though. Wasn't there something like a
 'programmers manual' for Debian packages?

 There's no release date yet because I've not much time and need
 to solve the problems first (of course :-)
 The main problem is the interaction between the program (sidplay)
 and a library (libsidplay). When I compile the program it expects
 the library at a very distinct place. Is it ok to rewrite the Makefiles
 (from scratch?) in order to reflect another source code arrangement?

 One of the other problems I would consider as a bug in the latest debmake.
 I want to build a single binary .deb and a library .deb. After calling
 deb-make in the library source dir I get a line in debian/rules which
 I don't understand at all. It tries to copy (by means of "install") several
 header files which don't belong to sidplay itself: gdbm.h for example. Do I
 need to install libgdbm-dev or is this really a bug?
 When I remove the offending line, debian/rules binary builds my package without

 Is it ok to use debmake? Recently there were some packages announced
 on debian-changes which claimed not to be done with the use of debmake.
 Wheres the culprit, if any?

 Does the -dev package contain any binary libraries or was this another
 problem of the sidplay source package? In fact, I ended up with the -dev
 package (libsidplay-dev) containing all the libraries from libsidplay too.

 Should a postinst-script test if the kernel is sound capable and output
 a warning to the user if it's not? Actually it would be no problem to
 examine cat /dev/sndstat.

 Ok, that's it for this time. Any hints and/or comments for this package
 are welcome.



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