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[sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca (Sue Campbell)] Re: Timestamp

Sue asked me to forward this.

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Message-Id: <m0xImxA-000DNKC@landru.math.uwaterloo.ca>
From: sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca (Sue Campbell)
Subject: Re: Timestamp
To: maor@ece.utexas.edu (Guy Maor)
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 23:38:28 -0400 (EDT)

> > When will we be able to download the complete changelog file for a
> > package without downloading the .deb file?
> Yes, the changelog would be an excellent addition to the package web
> pages.
Here is the information that has been requested to be easily accessable
concerning a package, i.e. without having to download it, and is not already
   upstream maintainer
   upstream homepage (if any)
   location source file retrieved from
   date it got into distribution

I'm surprised no one has asked for the rules file.
Sarcasm aside, this is most of the contents of the debian directory.

Since there are quite valid reasons people would want this information,
perhaps we should simply create a database on master containing this

Guy, are archives unpacked as part of the process of checking them
before inclusion in the distribution? If so, this would be a good
time to update the database. Once the data is entered, addition of this
information to the web pages would be trivial. It would have the side
benefit of making searches in the distribution extremely efficient.

msql would be perfect for doing this. I've been reluctant to use it on
the web pages so far, because of its copyright, but there aren't many
alternatives. Being a non-profit organization, we can use msql for free.

- Sue

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