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Re: Architecture all

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> I don't think there will be a binary for quake available for other
> architektures in the near future if at all. And if there is the archi
> field can be changed to arch all or arch i386+foo+bla. There will
> never be a quake for all archs. Also the Quake for m68k AmigaOS that
> was made by some hackers were completly stopped and outruled instead
> of taking it onboard and distributing that as well. It doesn't seem
> likely that they will do other architektures to me.

There is already an alpha version (linus made it, legally), I just haven't 
packaged it up yet. It is somewhat out of date, too.

But my main point is that it doesn't matter if they need one of the quake
packages to work, the quake-lib packages are architecture independant, and
should be marked as such. 

Just becuase an architecture independant package depends on a arch-dependant
package that is only available for one arch, is not a reason to make that
package arch dependant.

see shy jo

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