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Re: Architecture all

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> It migth not only be a problem for users, but also it gets downloaded
> when one gets all Packages for arch foo or if the Packages for foo
> only are mirrored and not the complete distribution with links. It
> might save some space on some mirrors and save people the download if
> the package depends on whatever the wraped package depends on. In this 
> case i386 and alpha.

It won't save any mirror space. Suppose I have a 8 MB package, that is 
arch: all, and depends on quake. (I do, it's quake-lib). Currently, it is 
arch: all, so the file is only on the mirror once. If I change it be be 
arch: i386 alpha, then I will build the i386 package, and presumably some 
alpha porter will build the alpha package. of course, there is no real 
difference between the two packages, but the ftp site maintainer can't tell 
that, and so we end up with two copies of the package, and 8 MB of mirror 
space wasted.

Of course, on the other hand it will save some m68k people who mirror debian 
m68k an 8 mb download.

see shy jo

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