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Re: boot-floppies state

Sven Rudolph wrote:
> - i18n plan
>   - i18n for C files: use gettext
>   - i18n for shell scripts: rewrite them in C

Well, Michele Dalla Silvestra built the bo rescue disk in italian using
this scheme to add an external file for the i18n translations:

Put all text in some variables and move them at the beginning of the
script, like:

DEFAULTTZ="Your default time zone is set to \$name"
DLCHANGETIT="Change Timezone?"
DLCHANGE="Your current time zone is set to \
`cat /etc/timezone 2>/dev/null`. \
\\nDo you want to change that?"

followed by:

if [ -z "$LANG" -a -n "$LC_MESSAGES" ]
elif [ -z "$LANG" -a -n "$LC_ALL" ]
then    LANG=$LC_ALL
if [ -r "$I18N" -a ! -w "$I18N" -a ! -x "$I18N" ]
then    . $I18N

then copy the block of variables with english text into the local file
and translate it. Install under /usr/share/locale/$LANG

It works well. (the example was from a dialog version of tzconfig).

>   - i18n for busybox (low priority)
>   - try to keep i18n and localization separated
>     - how many locale data sets will fit on floppy root.bin ?

What about having one rescue disck for every language?

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