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Re: deb-make errors

Will Lowe <harpo@udel.edu> writes:

> Two errors I'm getting with deb-make:
> 1) It says "key for Will Lowe <harpo@udel.edu>" isn't found in my keyfile.
> My keyfile is fine,  but the key is registered under "William M. Lowe
> <harpo@udel.edu>" ... where do I set deb-make up to use this instead?

Actually the simplest thing to do is to add a new identity to your pgp 
 $ pgp -h
 Add another userid:     pgp -ke     your_userid       [keyring]

So in your case you can run something like
 $ pgp -ke Lowe 
and respond to the questions indicating that you want to add an
identity.  AFAIK current versions of deb-make require that you have
the same identity listed in /etc/passwd and on the pgp key.
Douglas Bates                            bates@stat.wisc.edu
Statistics Department                    608/262-2598
University of Wisconsin - Madison        http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~bates/

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