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Re: Bug#13287: less uses /usr/bin/editor without it necessarily being there.

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > The only recourse that I have is to go "read" the policy manual every week
> > or two to see if there is anything that has changed. I don't have the
> > time, or inclination to subject myself to that, so I end up finding out
> > about policy from a bug report. 
> Same thing here. Would it be possible to have a WWW-page on which all
> policy changes are logged? Something like:
> 1/1/93: All manpages should be compressed for policy
> 1/2/94: All packages should switch to the new source format, policy
> etc. etc.
> I would really appreciate something like that.

It is already. The official home page for the Policy Manual is


It contains the current version, a changelog (just what you wanted to
have), a unified diff against the latest version, and an archive of older

The current DRAFT version is also available there, together with a list of
changes plus the status of each change. (Some changes may still need
approval by the developers--they are marked as such clearly.)



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