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Re: Architecture all

Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> FYI, there is an official port of Quake to Linux-Alpha.  The binaries are
> still for the glibc-1.99 snapshots (since it was compiled under RedHat),
> but it is in pretty wide use on the Alphas.  To my knowledge, none of us
> involved in the Debian-Alpha "project" have tested the binaries under
> Debian and glibc-2.0.5c yet, but I'm sure it will come up sooner or later.

I've been meaning to get the alpha versions into the package at some point,
I just never got around to it. If you can dig up some alpha maintainer I can
throw test packages at, I'd love to try to get it working.

> Just figured I'd settle the "whether or not another architecture may need
> to be supported question"...guess they are :)

Well, I think there's still some question about the general secenerio, as

Package foo is i386 only
Package bar depends on package foo, but is arch: all

Should package bar be changed over to arch: i386? 

Personally, I think not - package foo could always get a arch: all version

However, could it be a problem for users of some other architecture, who see
bar in dselect, try to select it, and get an unfullfilled dependancy on foo?

see shy jo

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