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Re: About the Breaks: field.

Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> An example: Since I upgraded to libc6, man-db stopped working and I
> always get a core dump. I don't want to read a mini-howto [*]
> saying that "if I install libc6, I should upgrade man-db also".
> Instead, I would like to see the following field:
> Breaks: (man-db <= 2.3.10-38)

Humm, is this only an *example* or there's something real here?
I have not seen any bug report from you about this (although I've got
several for core dumps on bo systems, due to corrupted db).
As the first thing I made when I've got a hamm system working, I
compiled groff and man-db, but I don't remember having seen anything
wrong. So I just now downgraded my hamm system to man-db 2.3.10-38 , and
it works smoothly.

Do you still get core dumps? Don't upgrade or remake indeces.
Please use the unstripped binary (libc5) you can find on my ftp site
and help me to get some idea of the problem.

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