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Re: bug or not??? pppd

"E. MACHA" <emacha@NMSU.Edu> writes:

> 2. With mgetty running on /dev/modem0, it picks up after 1 ring. At the
> login prompt, I type AutoPPP. This executes
>       /usr/sbin/pppd -chap +pap auth login kdebug 2 -detach

Is /dev/modem0 the same as /dev/ttyS0?

If it is set up properly, mgetty will login when it sees incoming PPP
(probably LCP?) packets.  I don't need to login as AutoPPP - all our
Win95 clients work without scripting or logging in.

"debug" would be much more useful than "kdebug 2" for figuring out
the problem.

> at this point, my client (in this case an NT workstation) starts
> negotiating. After 2-3 secs, it hangs up. Looked throught ppp.log (in
> /var/adm), and see the following


> This is the troubling part. I have pap-secrets accept anyone at this
> point, which means it will check with /etc/passwd.. or rather should.

What do you actually have?  I use pap-secrets to control who has a
dialup account (as opposed to email or a shell), so I put:

    carey            hostname        ""

    Carey Evans  <*>  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/  gc

kernel: Warning: possible SYN flooding. Sending cookies. 
kernel: validated probe(100007f, 100007f, 11557, 5010, -1645409555) 

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