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Re: About the Breaks: field.

Guy writes:
> Conflicts is like a reverse Depends.  It affects package
> configuration.
> Breaks is like a reverse Pre-Depends.  It affects package unpacking.

I think that's precisely backwards.  The rules are:

A -[pre-]depends-> B && more-than-unpacked(A)

( A -conflicts->B || B -conflicts-> A ) && more-than-config-files(A)

A -pre-depends-> B && more-than-config-files(A)
  at-least-unpacked(B) &&

I propose for Breaks:

A -breaks->B && more-than-config-files(A)

So Breaks will allow the the packages to coexist, but one will be
deconfigured (--auto-deconfigure) and hopefully upgraded later.
Conflicts doesn't allow the packages to coexist at all.


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