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Bug#13914: metamail postinst (fwd)

----- Forwarded message from Susan G. Kleinmann -----

When the metamail postinst runs, the user is asked to priortize various
executables for a list of mime types.  The types "x-sun-attachment",
"default", "mail-file", and "sun-deskset-message" came up as errors,
because they aren't two-part mime types (file/sub-type).

I think I fixed the line in /etc/mailcap containing "x-sun-attachment" 
by simply prepending the string "text/", and I fixed the line
containing "mail-file" by prepending the string "message/".  I don't know
if I got either of these right.  Also, I didn't find "default" or
"sun-deskset-message" in the mailcap file.

----- End of forwarded message from Susan G. Kleinmann -----

I don't know a thing about what mime types should look like.  Could someone
who knows about MIME fill me in here? Thanks.

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