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Re: deb-make errors

debmake has only limited support for epochs. See other bug reports
regarding that issue.

On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Adrian Bridgett wrote:

>On Oct 14, Christoph Lameter wrote
>> In article <Pine.LNX.3.95q.971014144440.14296B-100000@rivendell.rndy.udel.edu> you wrote:
>> : Other than that,  the .deb builds ok,  but "release" says "can't find
>> : .changes for this release" ... it's the first release,  so there really
>> : aren't any changes,  and I thought this file would be automagically
>> : generated by deb-make.
>> The changes file is a mandatory file for uploads and will be automatically generated
>> by the "build" command which invokes dpkg-buildpackage. If the PGP stuff fails then the
>> dpkg-buildpackages generation of the .changes file might fail.
>I've just hit this problem too. In my case it's a bug in release - it doesn't strip
>off epochs from the changelog. It then tries to find tgif_1:3.0-p14-2_i386.changes
>If this isn't the problem, try stepping through the release command (if
>there isn't a ../*changes file then you have a problem!
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