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Re: Architecture all

Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:

> Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > It migth not only be a problem for users, but also it gets downloaded
> > when one gets all Packages for arch foo or if the Packages for foo
> > only are mirrored and not the complete distribution with links. It
> > might save some space on some mirrors and save people the download if
> > the package depends on whatever the wraped package depends on. In this 
> > case i386 and alpha.
> It won't save any mirror space. Suppose I have a 8 MB package, that is 
> arch: all, and depends on quake. (I do, it's quake-lib). Currently, it is 
> arch: all, so the file is only on the mirror once. If I change it be be 
> arch: i386 alpha, then I will build the i386 package, and presumably some 
> alpha porter will build the alpha package. of course, there is no real 
> difference between the two packages, but the ftp site maintainer can't tell 
> that, and so we end up with two copies of the package, and 8 MB of mirror 
> space wasted.
> Of course, on the other hand it will save some m68k people who mirror debian 
> m68k an 8 mb download.

It will save space on all non-i386 non-alpha mirrors (are there any?), 
mainly it would save people (presumably with a slow modem or disks)
downloading it.

If you can say arch = i386 + alpha  in one package, so that it would
be in binary-all, linked in i386 and alpha, but not in the pther
archs, no space would be wasted.

Would be possible to have the same package for a few archs only
instead of all or would that need some changes in the scipts and

May the Source be with you.

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