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Re: cvs.debian.org state

> > > What are the plans for this; what is the current state ?
> >
> > No plans.  It is currently available for anyone who wants to put a project
> > on it.  It does not have the bandwidth to be a general package cvs archive,
> > as some have suggested, but plenty for a few groups to work together.
> So for now I could place it on your server, however ...
> > Send me a project name and a list of userids & encrypted passwords, and
> > I'll set up a directory for you.
> ... this sounds like you are providing access via pserver. I really
> want to access the repository via ssh. So I'll try to use master for
> this until someone builds an all-Debian repository. (If the common
> repository becomes a success a dedicated server could be necessary.)

Yes.  Because of the nature of the machine, we cannot give actual user
accounts on it.  "pserver" is the only option.

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