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Consistent kbd config TODO list (was Re: Backspace & Delete)

What follows is the current TODO list of the consistent kbg configuration
effort. If you want to discuss something related to this effort, please
use debian-i18n@lists.debian.org . Of course, volunteers to implement
any item of this TODO list are welcome! :-)

	Consistent keyboard configuration TODO list

- Topic: keymap definition for console mode 
  Status: New keymaps using m4 macros are being implemented by Marco
  d'Itri <md@linux.it>. Some macros are already done. The kbdconfig
  script should be modified to help the user setting up his keymap the new

- Topic: adapt console (non-X) application 
    config files to read and display international charsets (default Latin1) 
  Status: Already done for libreadline applications (bash, ftp, ...)
  Should be done for others (emacs, less, ...) [more candidates???]

- Topic: modify terminfo/termcap definitions 
    to do the Right Thing
  Status: [IIRC, no changes were needed. Can someone confirm/deny that?]

- Topic: keymap definition for X mode
  Status: Not much discussed so far. We have two keymap definition methods,
  old one using Xmodmaps and new one using XKB. We should check the keymaps
  to see if they lack some needed feature. [Example: I would like the XKB
  spanish keymap to generate accented vowels using META+vowel, see next 

- Topic: adapt X apps 
    to read and display international charsets (default Latin1)
  Status: Last X servers do not handle internationalized keyboard input 
  (compose sequences, dead accents and such) leaving that work to the X 
  clients. Unfortunately, only a few clients (xterm, xjed, gimp?) have been 
  adapted to do that work, and it seems there's not much work going on to
  adapt others. There are a few solutions proposed out there, with pros and
  1) Adapt X apps to use Input Methods. Of course that would be the best
  solution. The con is that it is a lot of work. But we are a lot of
  people here, aren't we? ;-)
  2) Define keys to provide the composed characters (no need for compose
  sequences). Simple, but doesn't provide all the characters needed, and
  makes it difficult for the user to find which key gives which char.
  3) Use tquinot[1] patches for the Xlibs, that modify the normal key event
  reading routines to handle compose sequences. It works like a charm for
  Latin1 charset (haven't tried it for others) but doesn't work with
  XKB extension. 

  Suggestions, additions and corrections are welcome. Please, when
replying to this post, change the subject to the relevant Topic, to help
keeping threads organized. And remember to use debian-i18n@lists.debian.org

[1] http://web.fdn.fr/~tquinot/dead-keys.en.html
Enrique Zanardi						   ezanardi@ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental			Univ. de La Laguna

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