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Re: debian packaging manual

> Jim> The source is SGML (available in the source package for dpkg).
> Jim> You can use "debiandoc2ps -1 packaging.sgml" to print it out the
> Jim> way you want -- you'll need the debiandoc-sgml package of course.
> 	In which case, could we have a package that delivers the
>  packaging manual in SGML form, so we may process it as we wish? (I
>  also wish all info files were also present as texi files, so I could
>  run TeX on them).
> 	I know they are available in the source package, but dselect
>  does not know how to get them off the ftp sites. 

I would be willing to make a package to provide the packaging manual and the 
other major debian manuals in SGML form if I might have some help building a 
list of the documents to provide.  (would of course be very simple to build...)

and would we want maybe a seperate package for debianmaintainer-doc and 
debianuser-doc.  each could provide the documentation (those listed under the 
debian documentation page...) in their appropriate categories (maintainer and 
user...) in various fromats (SGML, TeX, ps, txt, dvi...).

what do you think?  do I/we need permission to make such a package?  if so, 
from who?

etc, etc, etc.............

Brought to you by the letters E and K and the number 9.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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