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bug system status

>         US              11:39:05 GMT Mon 20 Oct
>         UK              00:09:02 GMT Fri 17 Oct
>         Germany         04:39:01 GMT Fri 24 Oct
>         Current time:   Fri, 24 Oct 1997 08:16:17 -0600

This may be due to a couple of odd-looking system problems last week
on master, which caused owner@bugs to get some cron mail.  The cause
wasn't immediately obvious.  If it happens again I'll try to

In the meantime I've deleted the timestamp file which should cause the
UK mirror (which gets its files by email) to update itself.

The US and German mirrors get their files by HTTP.  I don't know why
they aren't up to date; the file ix/zstamp.html on master contains:
 <strong><!--updatetime-->14:39:01 GMT Sat 25 Oct<!--/updatetime--></strong>;


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