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Re: DEBIAN POLICY WEEKLY, #4 (October 23, 1997)

"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:
>Christian Schwarz wrote:
>  >In continuation of this policy I suggest to keep all documentation
>  >files in one place: /usr/doc/<pkg>. In case of non-english docs,
>  >the files would be placed into a subdirectory
>  >/usr/doc/<pkg>/LANG_<locale>
>I think this should be /usr/doc/LANG_<locale>/<pkg>.
>For consistency, the default location ought to be LANG_C so that the
>hierarchy is properly balanced; then dwww can choose the hierarchy on
>the basis of the current user's locale, and present default
>documentation if there is none for the current user's locale.
>This would then become:
>     /usr/doc/LANG_<language>_<territory>/<pkg>
>     /usr/doc/LANG_<language>/<pkg>
>     /usr/doc/LANG_C/<pkg>

I suggest that a symbolic link LANG_C be installed in /usr/doc,
pointing that same directory (cd /usr/doc; ln -s . LANG_C).  This lets
dwww or another program search in the order Oliver suggests, without
forcing all Debian maintainers and all Debian users to change from
their current use of /usr/doc.

                                   - Jim Van Zandt

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