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Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

>>"Scott" == Scott Ellis <storm@gate.net> writes:

Scott> On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
>>  I take nothing away from procmail when I say: Deliver was also
>> designed for extreme levels of robustness.  If you wish to praise
>> procmail, be my guest.  If you wish to assert that Deliver is
>> somehow inferior, however, I must demand either specifics or a
>> retraction.

Scott> Speaking as the current maintainer of deliver, let me make a
Scott> few comments.

Scott> 1. RedHat uses deliver exclusively at it's MDA for sendmail.  I
Scott> can't think of anything deliver can do that can't be done
Scott> equally as well in procmail.

	Right. But procmail is feature laden for a mail delivery
 system, and feature poor for a mail filtering system ;-), and is not
 required on many systems

Scott> As far as I can tell, deliver is orphaned upstream.  Since I
Scott> adopted deliver, I've been unable to find the upstream source
Scott> that the debian package is based off of.  I got it in the old
Scott> source package format, and hacked together something that
Scott> resembles what the original source should be, but I can't find
Scott> a recent copy of the upstream source anywhere (including on
Scott> sunsite/tsx-11).

	Maybe we can get the sources now that the author is on
 debian-devel? Anyway, deliver is not orphaned.

Scott> deliver support was removed after a discussion on IRC between
Scott> myself and the sendmail maintainer.

	Carefull, unilateral decisions without the requisite consensus
 building steps can be dangerous

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 "I will contend that conceptual integrity is *the* most important
 consideration in system design." Frederick Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical
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