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I've got a little problem in hamm--the system no longer looks at
/etc/networks. I tried to find some info on this problem, but the only
bug report I could find (#7618) has to do with networks(5) being
unavailable (seems to be true for bo and hamm, for quite a while; I
couldn't find it on a redhat system either, though, so maybe the
upstream maintainer got rid of it.) So I tried finding the package that
installed it, but wasn't able to pin it down. Can anyone give a hint
about either how to fix this or who to report it to?

Michael Stone, Sysadmin, ITRI     PGP: key 1024/76556F95 from mit keyserver,
mstone@itri.loyola.edu            finger, or email with "Subject: get pgp key" 

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