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changes needed for web page reliability

First some background: the web pages are created on master.debian.org .
To reduce the net load on master, the pages are first mirrored to
debian.crosslink.net which all the other web sites then mirror.

This has two problems. First, the webmaster (me) doesn't have control
over the site being mirrored by the bulk of the mirrors. This makes
it difficult to respond to problems with mirroring. This can be seen
from the problem with the web pages this last week: for some reason
the mirror at debian.crosslink.net got messed up and I couldn't
do much about it except mail the administrator. This adds unnecessary
delay in fixing the problem.

The second problem is that a totally unnecessary point of failure is
introduced into the distribution process.

The solution, which has been brought up before, is to generate the web
pages on a different machine from master. This is then mirrored directly
by all the other sites. The requirements for this machine are quite modest.
The web pages take up < 1GB and only a few cron jobs are required to
keep the pages up to date. The site must also mirror the ftp archive
as some of the pages are generated from information there. The net load
would simply be that from the 8 web mirrors (which could be done outside
of local business hours) and a small load during the day responding 
to cgi requests. If anyone knows of any machines that could be made
available for this purpose, please contact me.

- Sue

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