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Re: About including Motif and Qt in GPL-ed programs

> I discussed this with Richard Stallman recently.
> The GPL explicitly states (near the end) that GPL-ed programs can not
> be incorporated into non-free software. This applies to such things as
> Qt and Motif. One caveat about this is that only the owner of the
> copyright has the right to enforce the license, and in this case the
> copyright owner is usually the violator and will not enforce against
> himself. However, if _somebody_else_ makes a version of your program
> linked to Qt or Motif and you don't like that, you are within your
> rights to enforce against them.

There's one thing I'd like to know then: I believe the editor I'm
using at the moment (Emacs) was originally written by Richard Stallman.
So I presume he's one of the owners of the copyright of Emacs.
Then, how does Richard Stallman feel about versions of Emacs
linked with Motif? Is he going to enforce GPL?

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

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