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Re: Coming soon ... "unofficial repository" for packages

On Sun, Oct 19, 1997 at 06:55:20PM -0400, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> Would debian be willing to make a link to at least one unofficial site
> like this?  It doesn't have to mean that we support the unofficial site,
> just making the debian home page the jumping point for all sorts of debian
> info.

Actually, what we really need is for www.debian.org to have a link to an 
off-site "Debian Unofficial" page, with the disclaimer "we are not
responsible for what you find here blah blah blah".

This Debian Unofficial page could then be nothing but links to
everywhere on the Net that has Debian-related stuff.  That way, users can
go to one place and find everything, but the Debian team doesn't have to
worry about its reputation being tarnished by whatever the links might

Possible candidates to link off this page:
** The unofficial contrib library we're talking about.
** Debian-dissent
** All those pages at fatman.whatever.de (I always have to look the
sitename up because I keep on forgetting it -- which is exactly why
these pages need to be linked off a master index).
** Websites of people offering Debian services, books, etc.

Since there are already a lot of Debian-related websites, one of them
could just add a page for this.

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