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Re: bug #13436 (libjpeg6a shlibs is broken)

The shlibs file for libjpeg6a "mysteriously added itself" in version
6a-6. I _think_ it was added by debstd, but I don't know why,
particularly when it did it wrong. :(

Since it was only the libc5 package, I removed it entirely in
version 6a-7. The libc6 shlibs file still remains and is correct.

Two questions:
 1. Do we need shlibs files for libc5 compatibility packages? (since
    Debian packages won't require them and Debian package building
    is the reason we include shlibs files).
 2. Why was the bad shlibs file added when it didn't even exist in
    my source tree?


Mark Mickan <mmickan@ozemail.com.au>

> Package: libjpeg6a
> Version: 6a-6
> You fixed the libjpegg6a shlibs file, but you broke the libjpeg6a
> shlibs file.
> ==> /var/lib/dpkg/info/libjpeg6a.shlibs <==
> libjpeg  libjpeg6a
> libjpeg  libjpeg6a
> ==> /var/lib/dpkg/info/libjpegg6a.shlibs <==
> libjpeg 6a      libjpegg6a
> It's missing a field and only needs one line.  It should be
> --cut--
> libjpeg 6a      libjpeg6a
> --cut--
> Guy

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