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Re: debmake contains namespace pollution and bugs procedure

> Most of the executables start with deb if package building
> related or u if they are tools dealing with upstream sources.
> There are "build" and "release" which have been named that way because
> of the ease of use for new maintainers and also because a large number
> of developers use those frequently.
> Those tools have a long history of use now and it would be difficult to
> have people type long names like debmake-buildpackage or something like
> that. Debmake was designed to be easy to use and an introductory package
> for new maintainers. Changing the naming violates the intentions of the
> package. Some of the naming might be unfortunate in retrospect but I
> still cannot see a problem caused by those names.
Names like deb-build and deb-release are much more descriptive.
Maintainers would have no trouble converting. Something as ubiquitous
as 'make' can stand alone, but only developers would be interested in
these programs. The words are much too general.

> : I shall reopen this bug while the discussion takes place.
> I shall close this bug because it is inaccurate and outdated and no
> bug at all.
Even if it is not completely accurate and it is old does not mean that there
isn't any name space pollution left in the package. Under the broad definition
that has been given what should go in the bug tracking system, I find your
reluctance to keep this open and finish the discussion hard to fathom.

Let the bug stay open and finish the discussion.

- Sue

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