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Re: About the Breaks: field.

Remco Blaakmeer <remco@cal011205.student.utwente.nl> writes:

> But that would be almost fatal for low memory systems! Dpkg takes a long
> time to start if you are low on memory. When is has read the database and
> is installing packages it is OK, but I definately wouldn't want dpkg to be
> restarted for every single package I upgrade.
> BTW, that would also require that you attend the whole process as every
> package would be configured immediately after it would be installed and
> before the next package would be installed. (sorry if my English is bad, I
> hope you get the idea)

Yes, but it doesn't have to be as bad as that.

Presumably deity would be smart enough to invoke dpkg a minimum number
of times to satisfy all package relationships.


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