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Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

According to Santiago Vila Doncel:
> Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> > But in any case, I was not discussing _preferences_, but _quality_.
> > The quality of Deliver is excellent, your preferences notwithstanding.
> It would be even more excellent if it would be able to deliver under the
> worst circumstances, as procmail does. This is not only preferences.

The priorities of Deliver's behavior are first to be safe, then to be
correct, then to be flexible.  Renaming mailboxes is fraught with user
preference issues (to what name?) and security issues (is there a race
condition?).  It also complicates the behavior of a setuid-root
program, which impacts safety.  It is thus a misfeature.

OTOH, if you *really* want Deliver to provide the rename-if-wrong-owner
behavior, then you can easily write a system delivery file (script) to
provide it.

Thus, Deliver allows for your desires but does not push them on
everyone.  *That* is true quality.

But I think we may have reached a point where debian-devel is no longer
interested in our disagreement.
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