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Re: copyright questions

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> > > problem with selling cdroms or not ?
> > > (the standard copyright of this sort is the same, word by word but
> > > includes ",sell" in the above list).
> > 
> > The general understanding is that the "and without fee" applys to the fact
> > that you are permitted to redistribute it without paying royalties, not
> > that you aren't allowed to charge for it.
> i think so, too. but the author must have removed the ",sell" from the
> copyright text, so it isn't allowed (or don't we need an explizit
> statement) ? the package will go to non-free because of this and two
> other strange copyrights.
Wait a minute guys! This copyright clearly says "use, modify, distribute
for any purpose". For me this clearly is Free and can even be sold as a
stand alone package. The Artistic license has a clear restriction on
selling the package "by itself" and we consider it to be free enough. Not
only does this copyright make this product free, if you are willing to
provide the copyright notice you are even allowed to use this code in a
proprietary product! How much freer can you get?


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