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Re: #13632: problem with compiling kernel

> i've just installed debian 1.3.1 on my system, and find that i now have
> trouble compiling the kernel. the problem arises when i do a "make
> zlilo", towards the end when it tries to create "vmlinuz". i've not run
> into this problem with other distributions. as you can see from the
> error message below, the culprit seems to be "objdump". it appears that
> the version of "objdump" included in 1.3.1 does not support some of the
> flags in the kernel Makefile.

> the Makefiles in question contains the following, apparently
> problematic, lines:
> linux/arch/i386/Makefile:
>     OBJDUMP_FLAGS=-k -q
There's no "-k" option on binutils 2.8.1(.0.4) either.  I've compiled
both 2.0.30 and 2.0.31p10 using binutils 2.8.1 anyway.  Does anybody
have a clue what's going on?


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