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Re: Debian Book Published

> The book in question is documentation for a free system.  I think
> that documentation should be as free as the software it describes,
> otherwise it is useless when the software changes.  At least we
> should hold it to the same standards. 
I agree with this. The book is very welcome and is an important plus for 
Debian but belongs to non-free. 

> Many of the considerations for making software free are equally valid
> for such documentation.  If the documentation can't be modified, then
> people who need to change it, for example because they want to
> document a forked version of the software, are faced with the choice
> of relying on the original author or recreating the documentation.
There is the issue of translating the book... I have worked on the spanish
translation of some of the LDP manuals and I think that it helps lots of
non-english speakers.

> > There's the LDP license too, and if I well remember GNU doesn't
> > copyleft their books do them?
> I don't know the LDP license, but emacs.texi carries the following
> license.  In summary, it allows distribution of modified versions
> provided that "The GNU Manifesto" and the nodes about licensing are
> not changed.
[emacs.texi copyright notice]
All instances of the LDP licenses I have seen are pretty much like this one.
There seem to be some restrictions on translations (at least for the 
Network Administrator's Guide), though.


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