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Re: Commercial interests & project leader

On Mon, Oct 06, 1997 at 12:15:21PM +1000, Warwick HARVEY wrote:
> Hi all,
> Of late, I've been considering who amongst the current developers would be a
> viable candidate for project leader in the upcoming elections.  One person
> who stood out as a potential candidate was Dale Scheetz.  Over the last
> couple of years I've developed a healthy respect for his views on a wide
> range of issues, and I've noted him as a calming, reasoned influence when
> things have become heated.
> I've spoken to Dale about this, and he is somewhat reluctant to be
> considered for the job.  His main concern is that he has some commercial
> interests that are related to Debian, and that some people see this as a
> conflict of interest.  What are other people's opinions on this?  Is it a
> conflict of interest?  Is it *viewed* as a conflict of interest?  Would it
> be a problem to have a project leader with commercial interests derived from
> Debian?
[-----------------rest snipped---------------]
> Anyway, enough rambling from me; what do the rest of you think?
> 				Warwick

I wouldn't have a problem with this.  We all have to live somehow.  If Dale
wants to run (which has not been established) I would think that making his
living off Debian would be even _more_ incentive to have him do a good job.
I earn my living off of something other then Debian.  I put a bit of time 
into Debian when I have it, but I don't have anything to really encourage
me when I am not int he mood.  I expect that Dale would have that type of 


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