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About Dave Cinege's postings

My perception is that Dave does sincerely care about Debian, even if he
expresses it poorly.

I placed him on "digest mode" on the mailing lists a while back,
because several developers requested that I take some action about his
noisy and non-constructive messages. "Digest mode" means that postings
from a particular person are collected into a digest and posted as one
message, to reduce the volume of postings without censoring the
message. Debian-devel is the list read by the Debian developers, and I
chose that list for the posting of digests because all of the
decision-makers for the project should be reading it. Dave operates
the debian-dissent@psychosis.com mailing list, where his postings are
always welcome. Of course, Dave can circumvent the "digest mode" on the
official Debian lists by changing his posting address, and he has
recently done so.

Do not fear that I will be unduly effected by his messages.


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