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Re: Debian Book Published

On Sat, Oct 18, 1997 at 10:06:00PM -0700, Bruce Perens wrote:
> I haven't yet figured out how Dale's book fits in the distribution.
> We should probably discuss this on the policy list.
> It doesn't fit the free software guidelines because it discriminates
> against printing, and the status regarding modification is not stated.
> However, it is redistributable and viewable online by the user. I am left
> wondering if we should treat books the same as other software or not.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

Bruce, it is somewhat more difficult:

The end user can print out the book for personel use. He is not allowed to
resell the printed copy.

But you are right with the restriction on modification. No author wants his
words to be changed, so it would be worth to consider acceptance of not
modificable books.

On the other hand, a technical document is not sensible to modifications
(compare this with a political book!), and it could be enchanted even if the
original author would orphan it.

After all, a difficult decision.

Dale Scheetz, what is your opinion?


"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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