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Re: Bug#13919: exim: Package [was] badly broken! Many important files [were] missed!

Anthony Fok <foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

> [Moved to debian-devel because the bug has been fixed, and it seems
> to have turned into a heated discussion between James and me.  :)]

So take it to email, not to yet another mailing list.

> > > Comments like "crap", on the other hand, tends to be an
> > > emotional judgement;
> > 
> > Well if Bruce can call `idiot' a ``technical term'', then crap can
> > definitely be stuck under the same umbrella.
> Okay, do we really have to go there?

[ ... ]

You misunderstood what I meant, I definitely didn't mean that.
> > > not to mention that you won't want your children to say that
> > > word.  :) It is not very good publicity for Debian either, if
> > > some users decide to read the Debian source files. <smile>
> > 
> > You obviously haven't read the source for dpkg or the linux
> > kernel.
> Okay, sure.
> $ rgrep -i -r crap /usr/src/linux/*

[ You need to widen up your vocabulary of "coarse slang", there is
worse (?) in the kernel source ]

> Nonetheless, does that mean we should follow those examples?

What it means is you shouldn't be bugging Mark about it, if you're not
prepared to also bug kernel-source-*, dpkg and any other source found
to contain ``coarse slang''.

In any event, I'm thoroughly sick of this subject and of it being
dragged onto debian.devel, if you want to respond, please do so by
private email.  Either way this is the last I have to say on the
subject on a mailing list.


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