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Re: About the Breaks: field.


	The problem here is two-fold:

 Firstly, there is the technical aspect of assuring that the package
 management system has a methodology of preventing incompatible
 packages from being installed at the same time. We already have one;
 it is called conflicts. There is no need to implement a separate
 mechanism called breaks which behaves in exactly the same manner. 

 The second problem is one of knowing exactly what are the conlicting
 packages. In the case of libc6, I think it is asking a lot of the
 libc6 maintainer to ask him to list all packages that may break with
 libc6 initially.

	Of course, now that we know what breaks, maybe we should
 investigate whether it is feasible to create an updated libc6 package
 that conflicts with packages << fixed versions.

	Note that this could not be done until fixed packages were

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