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Re: bug or not??? pppd

Hello Carey,

On 23 Oct 1997, Carey Evans wrote:

> "E. MACHA" <emacha@NMSU.Edu> writes:
> Is /dev/modem0 the same as /dev/ttyS0?

yes, it is a link.... ln -s ...

> If it is set up properly, mgetty will login when it sees incoming PPP
> (probably LCP?) packets.  I don't need to login as AutoPPP - all our
> Win95 clients work without scripting or logging in.
> "debug" would be much more useful than "kdebug 2" for figuring out
> the problem.

OK... I need to look a little further into this.... I tried the no
script/logging in method at first, withouth much success.... :(
that's why i am using the script method right now....

> What do you actually have?  I use pap-secrets to control who has a
> dialup account (as opposed to email or a shell), so I put:
>     carey            hostname        ""

the defaults..

	*       os      ""

ok, my next question... should i change the above to

       emacha	<hostname_of_client_or_server?>	""

The default method should use the /etc/passwd file... or so I think.

The reason I am using AutoPPP as a 'script' on the client side is in part
because of ignorance... when I first tried to get ppp going and it didn't
work, I decided to 'debug' on my own...;)  

Are you using the same version of pppd?? the readme's for pppd make note
of shadow support... so, I'm not sure if pppd comes default with shadow

Thanks in advance for your help,


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