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Re: [sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca (Sue Campbell)] Re: Timestamp

Guy Maor wrote:
> Sue Campbell writes:

> > Here is the information that has been requested to be easily accessable
> > concerning a package, i.e. without having to download it, and is not already
> > available:
> >    upstream maintainer
> >    upstream homepage (if any)
> >    location source file retrieved from
> >    copyright
> >    date it got into distribution
> >    changelog

> The last three can be extracted by mechanical means.  The first three
> can not (yet).

The original source location and can theoretically retrived from the
copyright file. (policy 5.6) However, in real life we would need to
standardisize it, if we want a script to extract the info...

About the same amount of work would be to creat a new file (maybe called
webinfo), that would include the extra info wanted for the web pages.
(Homepage, upstream author, source retriaval point).

Webinfo should be included in /usr/doc, so that users can find the info on
their own page and so that dwww can support the new file format.

Riku Voipio

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